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Why a Ferrari makes for the perfect wedding car

What’s your dream wedding car? A white Rolls-Royce Phantom? A horse-drawn Barouche carriage? Or maybe you want to pack some extra horsepower under the hood and hire a Ferrari for your wedding?

Ferrari wedding car hire is a modern and energetic alternative to the traditional snail’s pace arrival at your wedding, and is perfect for younger couples and motoring enthusiasts.

Our Ferrari hire packages start from a single day, so if you just want some stylish transport to ferry the bride, groom and top-table guests around, that’s an excellent starting point.

But why not go further? You can hire a Ferrari for up to a week or more – so why not consider making your honeymoon a Ferrari driving holiday?

Just make sure your ‘Just Married’ sign doesn’t scratch the paintwork…!

Getting your Ferrari hire car to your wedding

Don’t worry, we can handle the delivery – we transport our Ferrari hire cars to customers throughout the UK and across Europe too, and we’re happy for you to take the car to the continent during your honeymoon if you wish.

Each hire package comes with inclusive miles, with an extra charge per mile if you want to go further, so remember to account for this when booking as we can give you a 25% discount on pre-booked extra miles.

Delivery to your location is based on the number of miles from where our Ferraris are based in London, but is cheaper than paying the per-mile price for driving the car yourself.

If you are just going to use your Ferrari wedding car to get guests from the ceremony to the reception, the inclusive mileage allowance should cover several runs back and forth, so you might not need to add any extra miles on at all.

Can I hire a Ferrari wedding car?

Our usual rules apply – you’ll need to be at least 25 to hire a Ferrari wedding car from us, and over 28 for certain models.

We need proof of ID including proof of address, so if you’ve just moved into your first home together, make sure you have a bank statement and utility bill delivered before you apply!

You’ll also need a debit or credit card so that we can pre-authorise the insurance excess on the vehicle. This is normally done on the day of the hire, so make sure there are sufficient funds on the relevant card on the morning of your wedding.

A wedding to remember

Now that the formalities are out of the way, we’re here to make sure your Ferrari wedding car gives you a day to remember – not to mention getting you to your wedding ceremony on time!

If you have any questions, or want to know if we can cater to any special requests such as putting wedding ribbons on the car, just ask.

You can get in touch with us via the contact form on our website, or call 0207 278 2111 (London geographic charges apply) to speak directly to a member of our team about adding the excitement of a Ferrari hire car to your wedding day.