Planning a winter road trip: top tips for a Ferrari

Winter is coming but that’s no reason not to plan a Ferrari driving experience – in fact some of Europe’s scenery is at its most stunning during the colder parts of the year, with snowy mountains flanking green valleys with some of the greatest driving roads on the planet.

Of course parts of the continent also stay warmer later into the year, so if you’re looking for some winter sun on a long weekend Ferrari hire, heading over to Europe is also a good option.

Remember you can collect your Ferrari hire car from London or we can arrange delivery to Europe, so you’re not limited to places that are within a day’s drive from the UK.

1. South of France

The south coast of France has plenty of great resorts for some late-season warmth and sunshine, as well as the A9 and A8 roads to get you there.

From Perpignan at the western end of the coastline to Nice and into Monte Carlo, it’s a 500km route that also takes in Beziers, Montpellier, Nimes, a short diversion to either Avignon or Marseille, Saint-Tropez and Cannes.

Expect to cover the distance in around five hours without stops, or focus on a shorter stretch and spend some time exploring the resort towns before you get back behind the wheel of your Ferrari.

2. Porto, Portugal

Like France, Portugal is famed for its south coast, but for a Ferrari driving experience you won’t forget in a hurry, head north to Porto and the road inland.

Drive inland on the A4 and there are vineyards to be found around Amarante, Mateus and Pinhao, a route that covers about 150km in two to three hours – just make sure only the passengers indulge in the wine itself.

Alternatively, visit the spectacular waterfalls of Alvao Natural Park, just north of Mateus; they should be in full flow in the winter months and you can see them from a lower viewpoint before driving up to the trail at the top.

3. Belgium and Luxembourg

For a starting point closer to home – but still outside of France – consider setting off from Bruges in Belgium and heading for Luxembourg.

The route south-east passes Ghent and Brussels, and at 320km to reach Luxembourg City, it’s achievable in a single day even with some stops along the way.

Look out for motorcyclists too, as both Belgium and Luxembourg’s roads are popular with bikers – always a sure sign that there are some absolute thrillers of roads on the route.

Delivery and Pricing

Whatever route you decide to drive this winter, make sure you know where to collect your Ferrari and where you need to drop it off when it’s time to return it.

If you’re not sure about the cost of delivery and the mileage you want to cover, just ask – we’ll be happy to quote a price, and you can always pay for additional mileage later, although there is a discount for excess mileage paid upfront.