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What Makes Ferrari So Popular?

Why is Ferrari the best selling supercar brand of all time?

When you see the logo or hear the sound you simply know what to look for! And where did the Red come from too? Well I wanted to write this quick post to talk about these elements and actually give you some more information about where you can find out more about the brand. Two great places to start are of course wiki and the Ferrari website itself.

Ferrari is the most well known supercar brand of all time. One of the reasons is Enzo Ferrari, Enzo created the brand that is now established firmly in every country in the world. Although originally based in Italy this brand took the world by storm with its sleek look and semi-reliability (compared to other supercars on the market at that time.)

Instead of talking about the history of Ferrari I wanted to instead outline 3 things that I believe made them so successful in the early days

REDThe Colour – Ferrari managed to do an amazing thing. They essentially copyrighted the colour red on supercars…. Of course in reality they didn’t actually file a trademark and do this, but to most people whenever they saw a Ferrari, it was Red, when people purchased one all they wanted was red. It was as if the brand was designed to be in Red. And it worked. People only saw Ferrari’s that were red, and hence whenever you saw a flash of red, even if it wasn’t a Ferrari, the individuals thought it was. This is exactly what the brand wanted to do and they did it brilliantly. Although we now offer other colours!

The Sound – Sounds that come from a supercar engine are pretty common nowadays. If you have been driving for more than a few years in a relatively built up city, then chances are you have heard a supercar zooming past you. There is something special about hearing this sound!

Ferrari Dino 206 GT Replica
Ferrari Dino 206 GT Replica

The Shape – The shape of a Ferrari, especially the early models in the 70/80s were extremely memorable. If you saw one in real life you considered yourself very lucky, and if you got to be inside one, well I mean that was a dream come true. The shape was so well designed it was almost sexy to younger men, they would put posters of these cars up in their room and worship them. The shape created a sense of uniqueness too, nothing on the market even came close.

These are the 3 reasons I personally believe Ferrari had so much success, I think its obvious that as more competition came in and technology started advancing the desire for this specific brand decreased slightly. But never the less it is still an amazing brand that lives on even today.